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A Web Design Company in Lagos, Nigeria, giving clients high quality e-commerce, websites and mobile apps
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Corporate Class Deployment, Management, Integration and Testing for Your Web Assets

Since 2008 we have provided custom made applications for small to medium companies activating in industries like: Automation, Financial, Sales & Marketing, Healthcare, Entertainment, Multimedia (AV editing & streaming), E-learning, GIS/Navigation, Booking / Reservation, Social Media, Social Networking.

Projects development process involved different teams specialized in Website Design, Website Development, Web Application Development, Content Management Systems, E-commerce & Online Retailing, Social Media Strategy, Campaigns & Implementation, User Experience Design, Mobile Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Business/Web Strategy, Information Architecture, Enterprise Systems Integration, Intranet/Extranet Design.



Simplify and streamline your business processes. At eDiva Nigeria you will meet smart people focused on multiple technologies. Besides English and Nigerian, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, Java, Objective C, Android SDK are common languages in our office.


Save money by reducing the need to invest in new technology and maximize your return on investment.




Improve performance without disrupting internal operations or frustrating your customers by approaching a proven methodology for systems design, implementation, training and support.


Right people for the right job. Reduce support costs while maintaining the right level of personnel to meet your user needs.


All project coordinators from eDiva want to help you do things right starting from the first “hello !”. In this phase we ensure that you know exactly what you want and you are aware of the real budget you have to consider for your project. To make this process go smoothly we plan to follow these steps:


Requirements and Process Review Review current processes to determine the requirements for the future state.
Proof of Concept Validate requirements with customer sample data. Our designers don’t only drink their coffee, their putting on paper their imagination and digitally draw your wishes in simple / clickable mock-ups, PSD templates etc.
Business Systems Architecture Assessment After PERT diagram proposal / presentation we expect to confirm the architectural design for the mobile, e-commerce, templates solutions.
Scoping Assessment Estimate high-level cost and resource plan to deploy the mobile, e-commerce, templates solutions.


Health Check Deliver proactive problem identification and suggested resolution of issues.
Customization Solutions Review the custom code to improve performance, increase stability, improve security and reduce costs.
Performance Solutions Review performance impact of the design and code based on guidance, tools, methods and best practices.+
Upgrade Solutions Provide guidance to customers upgrading their current implementation of the finished project.

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