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Video spokeperson professionals
Web 2.0

Experience in the US with the admittance of a video spokesperson on a website shows an improvement of the landing page conversion rate up to 30-40%. This can not be achieved by any other known technique!


September 12, 2013

Javascript, Presentation Portals
Worldwide there are millions and millions of websites. How do you persuade your visitor of your unique product, service or conviction? Text and pictures simply don’t impress anyone any longer.
Internet is no big wonder. If you don’t type a URL in your browser, your screen will remain blank. This opposed to television, which provides a continuous stream of entertainment once you’ve pressed the ‘on’ button on your remote control. And meanwhile you are constantly being seduced to take action. By warm voices and beautiful people. Since this has proven to be successful, why don’t we use this on the Internet?
And that is exactly what PAGEPERSON® does: we enable you to welcome your website visitors personally by a professional video spokesperson (or by yourself), inform them and ask them to take the next step towards you.